Rantum Capital was founded in 2013 on the initiative of investment executives, Mittelstand entrepreneurs and large cap corporate executives with the aim of supporting Mittelstand companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with both capital, experience and networks. Headquartered in Frankfurt, we currently manage/advise both an institutional credit fund and a private equity fund. Rantum Capital is the umbrella brand for Rantum Capital Management GmbH (debt activities) and Rantum Advisors GmbH (equity activities).

Mittelstand needs reliable partners, in good and bad times.

Dr. Michael Rogowski

Industrial Partner for Machine Making, Capital Goods, Technology & Automation

Our general investment principle is that we only invest in industries where one or more of our Industrial Partners has collected many years of senior leadership experience and is well-positioned to assess business models, markets, technologies and the quality of management teams.


We think and act as entrepreneurs and many of our Industrial Partners who are all shareholders of Rantum Capital look back to successful track record as family entrepreneur or senior leaders of large enterprises. Hence, our motto is “By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”. It is our conviction that the German Mittelstand is the heart of the German economy and society. Against this backdrop, we do not only provide capital but networks and experience to our portfolio companies and their family owners but our mission is to help them reach their personal and entrepreneurial goals swiftly and in a non-bureaucratic fashion.


Our “Rantum Private Debt Fund I” with capital commitments of 125 million EUR as well as our “Rantum Private Debt Fund II” with capital commitments of 300 million EUR focus on credit investments in the German Mittelstand with emphasis on subordinated loans in addition to bank financing. We support family and entrepreneurially owned businesses with extraordinary capital requirements, for example for growth investments, the management of generational handover situations, add-on acquisitions, the bolstering of balance sheets or for refinancings of bonds, management buy-in/management buy-out transactions or buyouts of minority shareholders. The funds are backed by capital commitments from european institutional investors like insurance companies, pension plans and foundations.




Together with our joint-venture partner Cedarlake Capital Partners we advise the “Cedarlake Private Equity Fund I”, which has capital commitments of 300 Million EUR and co-investment facilities in the same amount. It started its investment activities in mid-2016 and focuses on the acquisition of majority and in certain situations as well minority equity stakes in Mittelstand companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our investment strategy puts specific emphasis on companies with business models that prominently feature further growth and optimization potential in China and the rest of Asia. Situations where local market access and local capital markets access in China and/or Asia can create value are our prime focus and fit perfectly with our deep local networks and experience on the ground. We see the symbiosis of Germany, the global leader in engineering, with China, the largest and most dynamic customer and consumer market globally, as a unique opportunity to create value and to help companies to grow. Based on this philosophy, we advise the equity fund together with our Chinese joint-venture partner Cedarlake Capital, which operates offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong and is led by former CEO of Morgan Stanley China (Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities), Mr Yi Bao, an American citizen and long-term friend of Germany.


Thanks to our two funds, we are able to structure financing solutions for Mittelstand companies across the entire liabilities side of the balance sheet and can provide solutions for almost any given situation.